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The store front is OPEN


We opened our store back up to the public June 2nd on a limited basis with all the necessary COVID precautions in place.   The store is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am - 4pm.  Also starting on July 6th *machine lessons were put back on the calendar, *sewing bees will be able to come back in and enjoy our facility and appointments will no longer be needed for machine service.  Customers may bring their machine in during store hours for service.
*Classrooms will have limited capacity restrictions with only one person allowed per table.  Participants will also be required to sign a waiver.    

While the store front is open or closed:
  • You may continue to shop online through our website.  If you're not comfortable coming in, we can ship your order or provide curbside pickup sew you can continue those fun and creative projects.  If you don't see something listed on the website, send us an email and we can add it or take your order over the phone.  Your support here is appreciated.
  • Though we're currently only open on a limited basis, during all other days and times our team will be monitoring emails and can answer any questions that may arise.  We can be reached at  If you prefer a phone call, now problem.  Just give us your phone number and ask us to call.  We'll reach out directly and help any way we can.

Thank you to those customers who have supported us during the shelter in place.  We truly appreciate it!

Did someone say face masks!

Several customers have contacted us in regards to making face masks and we want you to know that when we first saw this on the news, we thought it was a great idea too (though questioned the actual protection it would provide).  We immediately contacted local healthcare facilities and were told they were not in need.  At the beginning of April, the need changed due to shortages of proper PPE.  

So...this is a call for help to all of our current and future customers to make masks!  Once you are complete, please drop them into the bin at the front of the store.  We will be emptying the bin daily.  If your not a mask maker but woulds like to support our business and contribute to the cause, you can donate fabric here

Elastic is in very short supply, so we have provided some alternate options below.  There are also many patterns on social media and any can be used. 

Face Mask with Fabric Ties:

The first option for a face mask uses ties made from cotton. So, in case you don't have elastic or hairbands, here is video for you to view which gives directions for using the cotton ties.  If you don't have fabric on hand, you can purchase kits from us here
Fashionable Hairband Face Masks (by Jeana and Nora) 

1. One Fat Quarter (18" x 22") piece of cotton fabric; cut in half. You should now have two pieces of fabric (each 18" x 11"). Set one piece of fabric aside along with one hairband for the second Face Mask.
2. Place right sides of fabric together and using a 1/4" seam, sew all the way around leaving a least two or three inches of un-sewn seam. Turn fabric right side out and press un-sewn seam edges to inside. Topstitch around the entire piece of fabric. 

3. Take large hairband and lay it along the 8 1/2" side of fabric, fold fabric over the hairband; just enough to create casing and room for stitching down. Leave hairband in place (it should now be sewn to one side of the face mask). Take same hairband and place it along the parallel side of the fabric. Create another casing and sew all the way down.

4. Pull the hairband out of both ends of the mask (stretching it as much as possible) and the fabric will cinch up. 

5. Put the fabric mask on your forehead and pull hairbands over your head. Bring fabric down to your neck and then position over mouth and nose. Arranging hairbands; one on back of neck below ears and other comfortably on back of head above ears.

We like this design because it keeps the bands off your ears and has little to no chance of falling off.  If you would like to purchase a kit, you can do so by clicking here.  

It is very important for everyone to know that these masks are in no way NIOSH, OSHA or FDA approved.  The level of protection they provide has not been determined.  Click here to read the CDCs recommendation on use of cloth face masks.       

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