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Mon, Tu, Th, Fri, Sat: 10a-4p
Create Your Own "Mini" Retreat

This retreat takes place in our best in class, top of the line sewing studio all throughout the year. It's a two day get-away that falls on every Monday and Tuesday from 10a-4p. The Studio is setup for 4 sewing enthusiasts; each with their own Koala Sewing Cabinet and Koala SewComfort 6 Way Adjustable Chair to use during the retreat. We provide design walls, personal and group ironing stations, steam press, adjustable height cutting station with a Martelli cutting mat, rotary cutters, rulers, daylight slimline 3 lighting and the option to rent a sewing or embroidery machine. Meals will not be provided, but there are many local options that offer delivery and there is plenty of space to eat in designated areas.

Advanced Teen Sewing Club

This club is for Teens who have sewing experience and would like to get together to create new and exciting projects! Students will get guidance by an experienced sewist.

Serger 2

2nd Class for Coverlock Sergers

May 30
Create Your Own Retreat
May 31
Create Your Own Retreat
Jun 1
Create Your Own Retreat

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