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Mon, Tu, Th, Fri, Sat: 10a-4p
Create Your Own "Mini" Retreat

This retreat takes place in our best in class, top of the line sewing studio all throughout the year. It's a two day get-away that falls on every Monday and Tuesday from 10a-4p. The Studio is setup for 4 sewing enthusiasts; each with their own Koala Sewing Cabinet and Koala SewComfort 6 Way Adjustable Chair to use during the retreat. We provide design walls, personal and group ironing stations, steam press, adjustable height cutting station with a Martelli cutting mat, rotary cutters, rulers, daylight slimline 3 lighting and the option to rent a sewing or embroidery machine. Meals will not be provided, but there are many local options that offer delivery and there is plenty of space to eat in designated areas.

Serger 1

1st Class for Serger owners

Festive Decorative Stitches Week

Festive Decorative Stitches Week- This is your opportunity to try out the machine of your dreams to see the fantastic assortment of decorative stitches!

Dec 5
Pfaff Computerized Machines - Level 1
Dec 5
Festive Decorative Stitches Week
Dec 7
Create Your Own Retreat

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